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The South African Professional Photographers (SAPP) are South Africa's sole professional photography trade body. It has members around the globe and is also affiliated to similar associations worldwide.
SAPP provides the public and other consumers of professional photography services with the assurance that, when engaging a member in good standing, they are using a peer-reviewed practitioner who meets the minimum required standards expected of a working professional photographer.
In this manner, SAPP serves to assist its membership - and aspiring professionals - in achieving their professional goals and offers a safeguard to those seeking professional photographic services..
The SAPP is committed to the ongoing growth of the photographic industry and to supporting its members through quality programs and legal assistance. 

Only full-time practicing professional photographers may apply for membership, although membership is also open to persons and/or organizations associated with the field of professional photography.

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Registered SA Professional photographers can be located via the different regions of south Africa, we also have members in neighboring countries.

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Please note all this information will be posted on the SAFREA site once it is up and running. 

THE Associate & Fellowship introduction.

Welcome to the Distinctions of SAPP

Applicants must be paid up members and in good standing.

Assessment dates are set twice times a year for the end of May and end of October, your applications must be sent to the head of your region and to our head office.

This info has been produced to help you work towards a successful Distinction application.

The SAPP are recognized as some of the most prestigious in the photographic world. The Associate is the second level of SAPP distinctions and is a significant step up from the first level, the Licentiate. While in the Licentiate we are looking for a basic competence and skill, to be successful at Associate level you need to provide evidence of creative ability and the development of a personal style. You also need to be able to show that you are in complete control of the technical aspects which allows you to produce quality which is entirely ‘fit for purpose’ i.e. it suits the subject. Your photography should be consistent and make a statement of a strong personal style. A high standard of presentation is expected.

When you are awarded the Associate you are entitled to use the letters ASAPP after your name and you will receive a certificate under the Seal of SAPP.

This can be applied for if you have been a member of SAPP for two years, if you were previously a member of PPSA this will count

For all inquiries contact Peter Hassall 

Management Team

Peter Hassall National President 

082-800-7225      011-478-7808

Peter has worked as a professional photographer in SA  for the last 30 years. 

He has served on the committees of the SAIP, the PPSA and the Johannesburg / Gauteng photographers group  and has always been focused on building the professional community in SA.  He has developed a deep understanding of the publishing and printing  industry and has been "Digital" since 1983.

Peter was responsible for developing and producing "Visual Aid for Operation Hunger",  the first One Million Rand fund raising initiative for Operation Hunger,  in 1985.

Dennis Da Silva  Facilitator  accreditation & judging

SONY 2009 PROFOTO LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD was bestowed on Dennis da Silva Having been involved in photography, chemical processing, lithographic reproduction and printing all his working life, Dennis has a repertoire of expertise that few can match and that has been gained through 40 years of hands-on experience. For example, he was one of only a very few technicians in Africa to have mastered the beautiful Kodak Dye Transfer process. Dennis has travelled extensively around England, Europe, and America sharing his knowledge and experience, and continues to keep in close contact with industry forerunners throughout the world about new techniques, technologies and method improvements. Dennis’s intense love for the photographic image, his eye for composition and artistic expression, and his unwavering support of the medium of photography. His insight into the art of photographic expression has resulted in his informed opinion being sought out by many photographers around the world.

Cell:  0824508489

ian fleming national opperations manage sapp

Ian Fleming  Adviser

Ian has 50 years of experience in the professional photography industry. Fleming Photographic has been well established in Knysna for the past 19 years, serving the Garden Route & Western Cape in all aspects of professional photography. 


Leanne Dryburgh Manager Western Cape


Cell:  0832937208

  Deon Coetzee  Manager Gauteng

  Cell 0716319433


Kenn Mann  Manager Kwazulu Natal 
Cell: 082-775-7765