To be a member, a qualified Professional Photographer must be consistently producing work of a high quality with a good track record and practices with integrity and professionalism in the photographic industry. Unless the photographer meets and/or exceeds these high standards and expectations, he/she will not be accepted as a member.
SAPP  Membership is open to professional photographers and persons and/or organizations associated with the field of professional photography.

Membership is based on the following criteria:
Professional integrity 
Minimum of 4 years’ experience with 70% or more of income derived from photography.
All photographers joining SAPP will join at the level of Licentiate, however photographers joining from other professional affiliated bodies will come over on the level achieved with that group.

Please note that SAPP is only open to full time professional photographers that have a registered photographic business,
by that we mean CC, sole proprietor  or (Pty) LTD 

You need to fill in the application on JOIN & upload your portfolio on the link below, good luck.

Full time working professionals R400.00 PA -  plus a once of administration fee of R250.00 
Students in training R200.00 PA -  plus a once off administration fee of R250.00 

Importers and agents POA - plus a once off administration fee of R250.00 

Retailers   POA  -  plus a once off administration fee of R250.00 

Educators R400.00 PA -  plus a once off administration fee of R250.00