LSAPP Licentiate  It is a great honour for a photographer to be awarded a qualification and have their work recognized.  A Licentiate award indicates that the photographer is a qualified member of the Association.  It also demonstrates their competency in their chosen field of photography which reassures members of the public that they are using the services of a qualified photographer.

Receiving a Licentiate qualification is the first in a series of three qualifications awarded to photographers by the SAPP  All candidates must attain the Association’s Licentiate qualification before being admitted to full membership.  This level of achievement shows their thorough understanding of camera techniques, lighting and composition and, of course, the ability to deliver quality photography.


ASAPP Associateship, images of exceptional standard.  This is a significant step up from the LSAPP.  At this stage creative ability and personal style (what makes your work unique to you), along with complete control of the technical aspects of photography must be evident.  It is at this level that you can first choose to submit your work to a particular specialist category. 

You would need to be a SAPP member for two years before applying for this.

However if you have been a professional photographer for more than five years it is possible to apply for an ASAPP without having first achieved an LSAPP, but we do not recommend this unless you have considerable experience in photography.

This qualification is awarded to photographers achieving an exceptionally high standard of photography in a specific category

Applicants must present a portfolio comprising 15 images in accordance with the bye-laws governing the awarding of this qualification.

Written comments on images can be included.

Adjudication and entry fee R500.00


FSAPP Fellowship  this is our highest level of Distinction.  Fellowship submissions are open to Associates of the SAPP .  Images must be of an outstanding photographic and creative standard and accompanied by a Statement of Intent. An obvious personal style is expected at this stage. You need to have achieved the ASAPP before you can apply for the FSAPP.

This can be done two years after your receiving your ASAPP.

 Applicants must present a portfolio of 25 images in accordance with the bye-laws governing the awarding of this qualification as well as a written resume.

Adjudication and entry fee R900.00

Image sizes: Please submit your image at 1200 Pixels on the longest side @ 96 DPI   JPEG.

Create a Drop Box or similar and forward your link to

1200 Pixels