Who and What is SAFREA?

SAFREA is a registered professional association of freelancers in the media and communications industry.  Members are writers, photographers, editors, social media managers, proof-readers, graphic designers, illustrators, researchers etc.

SAPP and SAFREA to Join.

SAPP have had discussions with SAFREA over the last 18 months, as we have felt that by combining our numbers, we would have greater impact with government and media buyers.

SAFREA will segment SAPP members within their website and framework so that SAPP still retains its own identity and criteria for membership.

SAFREA have a good administrative and IT infrastructure, they’re a registered Not-for-Profit association and their membership and support network is very active.

Of critical importance at this time, they’re a registered media organisation and are able to issue their members and us, with media cards and an official permit to work during our current crisis. (You will need to upload your details and profile photo on their site for this – we will send details as soon as we complete this stage).

It’s not going to cost you anything now, as SAFREA have agreed to waive their 2020 fee for current SAPP members.

After that, it's up to you to pay the Safrea annual membership fee of R 500 or allow your membership to lapse.

                                                                       Joining Procedure

To make the transition of your SAPP membership as easy as possible, we have given SAFREA a list of all our paid-up members.  

You will still need to go to the SAFRIA Website and enter your details and upload your profile photo.  

Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the sign-up page to save your details and upload your photograph

Once you've done this, you will receive a​n email requesting your work samples, ​- ​Please ignore that. 

The Safrea administrator will do an auto-approval of your application, after which you will receive an email from the Safrea website to ask for payment – PLEASE IGNORE that as well. 

The administrator will override the system and send you a final email via the website, welcoming you to SAFREA with information about the e-group and the media cards.  If you require a Permit (Annexure C), please send your full names as per ID and ID number to the administrator

We hope you have been able to get through these turbulent times and hope this will help you to be able to market to your clients and get working again.




Peter Hassall

National President. SA Professional Photographers