It is an unfortunate fact that in South Africa, the imaging industry is not held accountable to the same legal status and regulatory requirements as other Government and state-regulated professions. 

This can often be a problem as it can , allow anyone to call themselves a professional, without any recourse, any accountability and any attempt to adhere to agreed and appropriate standards.

If you want to make sure you choose a Professional Photographer make sure you look for the SAPP Logo and choose  Accredited professional.

By using a SAPP photographer you  are working with a professional whose status has been formally validated and recognized.

You will be working with a professional who is a member of the only recognized professional photographic membership body in South Africa.

Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your professional photographer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner who complies with all legal business requirements, has appropriate insurance and who is willing to agree to the mandatory "Code of Professional Practice" and to the requirement to continually improve their photographic skills by committing to continue their professional development.

You will be working with a professional who is bound by our Code of Professional Practice.